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Ethiopia has surprised me in many ways.


Let me start from why I even got the chance to fly there. A good friend of mine and videographer has been documenting projects of the Don Bosco Salesians in Ethiopia for about 8 years already. I asked him if they need a 2. camera man and/or photographer. And after a while it did happen. Quiet spontaniously we booked a flight to document the progress of some projects.

To me the Don Bosco Salesians was relatively new. I have heard of them but did not know much about their activities.

At the airport I got to meet the man behind the projects we were going to document in Ethiopia. Pater Jože, from Slowenia with strong connections to Carinthia, Austria. As a Salesian fahther he has been working with the Salesians in Ethiopia for over 12 years.

How much he and his church have really been doing in Ethiopia was still waiting for me in the country itself but this article is only to give you a glimpse into what I saw. There will be more details about this project in the future. Enjoy the impressions.


© Photography by Angelo Kreuzberger

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