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Studio lighting is something that has been a topic I tried to avoid myself in the first 2 years of my career.

Nevertheless, at one point I had to find out more about studio lighting. What I never liked was this very artificial looking studio light and so I was on a search for someone that can teach me on how to use artificial light with a sense for artistic and more natural looking light. And I found the one! Felix Kunze.

Inspired by Annie Leibovitz and being an exceptional artist I loved the way he approached the general topic of studio lighting with a live online workshop on creativelive called “The Portrait Lighting Challenge: Natural vs. Studio“. He challenged the amazing Sue Bryce, who at that point refused artificial light for her portrait works, to shoot a session the way she is used to shoot using natural light inside a studio. When she was done Felix setted up his lights, diffusors, some V-flats etc. and explained why he is doing what he is doing to recreate that light Sue Bryce and so many people love about soft, natural light.

And so it happened that I started falling in love with studio lighting.

Recently a fellow photographer, Jürgen Mugitsch, asked me if I can show him how to use studio lighting and so it was that I shared the knowledge I gathered from Felix and fellow photographers so far, with him.

Below you will find some “behind the scenes” photos and a couple of Jürgen´s results. The editing was on him, for this first workshop it was basicaly about how to set up studio lighting and how to interact with models.

A big thanks also to the models: Bibiane Zimba, Julia Schellnast, Khalifa and Amin Dampha and Anderson Gonzales Galban. For the fashion: Hand Made Story by Barbara Alli

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