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A new restaurant opened right behind Vienna´s most famous catholic church in the city center, Stephen´s Cathedral: Miznon

I was asked to take some photos just before the official opening to announce the latest israelian restaurant in Vienna. When I got there it was nothing like the every day photo job. The place was full of life. The chef cook, Eyal Shani, got famous for his roasted whole cauliflower, but boy, his filled Pitas opened a whole new world of food for me. It was actualy the first time I tried it.

Not just food, it´s an experience

When Miznon opened officialy 2 days later everyone was talking about it. Every time I mentioned it people have either heard about it or have been there. But what makes it so special? I think it´s the experience. You don´t just go to Miznon to have a quick snack. Once you enter the place you know that.

The music, the mix of languages and simply the interior catches your attention. But I believe when you order the real experience starts. The menu is hand written on a piece of a brown paper bag. You order by going to the kitchen where you´ll tell your name cause when the food is done you´ll hear your name being shouted throughout the restaurant. Most times you can even grab some Pitas with freshly made Tahina and other home made sauces to still that hunger and prepair yourself for what´s coming.

Some published articles about the restaurant with my photos:

I leave you with the photos I took before the opening as another appetizer if the words written above are not above. Afterwards: Go there yourself and take some friends along. You´ll love it.

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